by B. Stewart Designs

Copper Art Creations

Copper Art Creations began in 1996 while I was working in the HVAC business.  One day I was looking at all of the scrap copper tube I had and thought about the different types of things I could create.  Out of those thoughts came copper roses, copper yard art, wall and free standing copper sculptures.  All of my work is custom; when you buy a piece of my art, you will get a unique piece of art; no two can be the same.


Copper is a wonderful media.  Working with copper is like handling a piece of silver or gold; it can be fine or rough.


Patina will react differently throughout the same piece of copper. Color is also created by using torches to heat the copper which brings out some very interesting colors and design that greatly enhance the switch plate or sculpture that I am working on.


Copper can be quiet art.  It blends well with any outdoor environment.  Copper yard art can be placed next to, in front of, behind or within grasses, flowers, shrubs or even can be used to enhance a backyard water feature.  Copper is rain proof and can be left out.  And, depending on your winter weather, it can even be left out forever.

Copper Art Creations by B. Stewart Designs is Located in Minnetonka MN.


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